We’ve integrated advanced tinting technology in our Smart Windows, seamlessly control it though on-premise connected components and sensors, and continuously optimize performance from cloud-based intelligence.

Learn how the Halio Smart Glass Solution is enabling architects, developers and glass fabricators to bring façades to life.

Halio Smart GlassElectrochromic (EC) Device

Halio Smart Glass defines the electrochromic glass experience.

Our design, materials, manufacturing process, and ecosystem makes our EC device unlike any tinting glass that proceeded it. Learn more about Halio Smart Glass and the Halio difference.

Halio Smart GlassAutonomous System

Whether you buy Powered by Halio IGUs from certified fabricators or from Halio direct, the windows are setup for autonomous operation and controlled through the Halio System.

Halio Rooftop Skycam

Every 15 seconds, a Halio Rooftop Sky Sensor reports changes in daylight and reflected glare

Halio Tint Driver

The tint level of each window is controlled by a corresponding Halio Tint Driver, located in component cabinets and can tint the full range in under 3 minutes.

Halio Gateway

The Halio Gateway securely manages communication between the all on-site Halio components and the Halio Cloud.

Halio Cloud

Advanced algorithms and AI in the Halio Cloud control the automation of the system by determining real-time tint levels, monitor system operation, report performance, and suggest adjustments to tint scenarios.