Kroger Fulfillment Center

Dallas, TX

Mixed-Use Commercial

HALIO for Mixed-Use Commercial

HALIO Smart Glass can be used to design beautiful facades with increased window-to-wall ratio, while meeting all building codes and design aesthetics. Developers love buildings with smart glass because they offer greater property value. Occupants lease buildings with smart glass to enjoy comfortable facilities with maximum daylight and minimum glare, leading to increased productivity and overall wellness. Everyone wins!

Daylight Amenity
Increase WWR
Perimeter Recovery
Saves Energy/OpEx
Increases Lease Value
Meets Building Codes
Reduces GHG
Design Aesthetics
Future Ready Design

Kroger Customer Fulfillment Center


Corporate Campus
Dallas, TX
1,100 sq ft glass
350,000 sq ft building
HALIO Smart Glass

Project Team

Architectural NEXUS
Gen. Contractor
Big D Construction
Glazing Contractor
Equity Glass Co.
Morley-Moss EMCOR

HALIO is the only smart glass facade that was a natural fit for Kroger’s 500-employee, high-tech, automated fulfillment center that combines AI and automation.

HALIO Smart Glass reduces a building’s greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 25% and is aligned with Kroger’s goal to support the transition to a lower-carbon economy by implementing energy management best practices.

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