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Learn about HALIO Smart Glass at the Verband für Fassadentechnik (VFT) Facade Technology Seminar.

HALIO Raises $70M from Korea’s SKC to Impact the Environment and Energy Savings

HALIO Smart Glass Changes Everything!

HALIO solves the problems of managing daylight indoors by reducing solar heat, minimizing glare, and blocking UV while maximizing daylight and window-to-wall ratio. We develop and manufacture the world’s most advanced electrochromic technology, integrate it into the world’s fastest tinting smart glass windows, control it from a cloud-based intelligence, and connect it to an AI camera that senses the sky. The HALIO Solution enables real-time, autonomous, uniform tinting through shades of cool gray in just three minutes.

Williams Parkway, Brampton, Ontario

HALIO Smart Glass sets the standard for electrochromic glass tinting:

  • Typical tint cycles take under 30 seconds
  • Responds in real-time based on daylight conditions
  • Tints uniformly across any size window or facade
  • Looks as clear as Low-e and tints through shades of cool gray
  • Saves more energy than any other EC glass

Experience the magic of HALIO as it adjusts tint in real time to clouds. See more HALIO videos.

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HALIO for Aviation is Taking Off!

Smart glass elevates the travel experience.

Crowded airports with rows of empty seating by the windows will soon be a thing of the past at airports with unobstructed views Powered by HALIO.

HALIO Smart Glass for aviation facilities tints to just the optimal level – never too much glare and never too dark, and the only dynamic facade solution that responds to changes in the weather in real time.

Operators will see immediate reductions in HVAC energy costs and jumps in traveler satisfaction. Retailers will see higher revenue resulting from extended traveler dwell time. Architects can finally create construct the airport of their dreams.

Make your airport project a destination with HALIO. Learn more about our solution for airports and aviation facilities.

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