ALEC Energy, GLASSBEL, and HALIO Join Forces for a Sustainable Future

Hayward, Calif., Klaipeda, Lithuania, and Dubai, UAE, February 27, 2024 – HALIO, the US-based inventor of the world’s most advanced electrochromic (smart) glass technology, GLASSBEL, a Lithuania-based leading processor of architectural glass including HALIO Smart Glass, and ALEC Energy, a turnkey solution provider of photovoltaic facades/PV solutions and business division of UAE-based Alec Engineering and Contracting, announced a Green Innovation Drive for sustainable projects.

The Built Environment is responsible for approximately 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions, more than any other segment including automobiles, making it paramount to promote technology that both reduces net cooling costs in hot months or regions and encourages daylight harvesting in cooler months and locations.

The initiative unites the energy-efficient coatings of GLASSBEL, with the smart-tinting technology of HALIO, and comprehensive turnkey BIPV/BAPV solar facades, on-grid and off-grid, ground mounted, rooftop, and hybrid solar PV plant solutions of ALEC Energy.

Together these solutions enable buildings to simultaneously produce energy through efficient solar plants and reduce energy consumption by blocking heat-causing infrared light from entering the interior, thus reducing the air conditioning load.

All three companies share a passion to create a net-zero, sustainable future with future-ready technology that can be deployed to in projects that support sustainability and promote health and wellness of the occupants.