Halio Smart Glass Solutions for Airports


Halio’s smart glass enhances airport architecture, and so much more. It delivers operational efficiency and creates an immersive, enjoyable traveler experience that turns terminals, concourses and gates from way-stops into enjoyable destinations.

Airports Provide Efficiency, Comfort, and Safety for Travelers

Travelers expect a comfortable environment at the airport. This includes a place where they can rest, do some work, or simply do nothing while waiting for their flight, without any glare or unwanted sunlight.

Simultaneously, airport operators want to lower energy consumption, reduce maintenance, and operating costs, while providing the best experience for their travelers.

The Halio Smart Glass solution solves all of these requirements, and sets the industry standard where it matters most – performance, reliability, customer satisfaction, while creating beautiful Airport facades.

Only Halio goes from zero to full tint in less than 3 minutes.
Only Halio is as clear as standard glass when untinted and transitions into a comfortable neutral gray when tinted.
Only Halio Smart Glass tints uniformly, across a window or a façade.
Only Halio tints to any level, at any time. The transition is so natural, you won’t believe it!
Only Halio’s innovative approach enables glass fabrication options that airport operators, architects, and travelers love.

Clearance and Visibility is Unlimited with Halio Smart Glass

With Halio Smart Glass, terminals and concourses maximize daylight without unwanted glare and solar heat gain. Only our real-time speed, responsiveness, and tint level fidelity can create a digital façade that keeps up with daylight changes. There’s no need to predict the weather because Halio reacts to it as it’s happening. Never too dark, never too bright. Always just right. Always on time.

Only Halio Smart Glass Provides Unlimited Natural Color

Inconsistent or uneven window color is caused by dated smart glass technology. It’s still functional, very costly, but not effective. Halio’s next generation smart glass is clear and colorless (as it should be) when untinted, and then smoothly transitions to the desired neutral gray tint in less than 3mins to block unwanted sunlight. Its smart glass done the smart way.

Travelers & Employees

An airport experience like no other
  • Daylight is always maximized, no blocked views, or any glare.
  • Solar Heat Gain is managed for a more comfortable environment lowering temperatures by 15°F.
  • Travelers and employees are 68% more likely to be pleased with this environment.
  • Wellness is enhanced — 63% reduction in headaches, 56% reduction in drowsiness, and 51% reduction in eyestrain.

Facility Operators

Airport operators love us
  • Lower energy costs by up to 20%+.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Cleaner, healthier environment without blinds.
  • 83% longer traveler dwell time boosting potential revenue and a better overall experience.

Architects & Developers

Industry experts choose Halio to complete their project vision
  • Uncompromised use of daylight as an amenity and higher level of elegance for each project.
  • Maximize Window-to-Wall Ratio and help achieve net-zero results.
  • Reduce upfront costs by eliminating exterior shades/interior blinds and downsizing HVAC.
  • Wide selection of glass coatings from Halio or Viracon.
  • Receive 30% tax credit as a result of the new ITC bill.