Lehigh Valley
International Airport

Allentown, PA


HALIO for Aviation

HALIO Smart Glass creates the best experience at airports for travelers, owners, and architects. Our smart glass saves up to 20% on HVAC energy OpEx while enabling downsizing of cooling equipment during construction reducing CAPEX. We deliver the industry’s fastest transitions, greatest number of tint levels, most uniform appearance, and a neutral gray color with natural color rendering. Together, these encourage traveler satisfaction and dwell time, resulting in revenue increases. We aren’t limited by unnecessarily complicated intelligence systems that predict daylight change. HALIO directly observes daylight conditions and windows change in real-time to optimal levels, enabling comfortable perimeter temperatures without glare. Design for daylight and let HALIO control it.

Reduce Energy & OpEx
Perimeter Recovery
Higher Dwell Time & Retail Revenue
Traveler Satisfaction
Increase Window-to-Wall Ratio
Unobstructed Views
Design Aesthetics
Support LEED, BREAM, Well
Future Ready Design

Lehigh Valley International Airport


Allentown, PA
3,650 sq ft glass

Project Team

The Sheward Partnership
Lehigh Valley International Airport
Gen. Contractor
Bracy Construction
Glazing Contractor
Windgap Electric

This airport added a new TSA screening area and terminal connector designed for environmental leadership. The new construction includes over 3,000 sq ft of smart as one way of pursing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification.

HALIO’s electrochromic window technology will automatically darken the windows on hot, sunny days, and let in more light on cold winter days. The technology will help the airport use less energy for air conditioning and heating and should provide about 27% in energy savings per year.

Thomas Stoudt

Executive Director, Lehigh-North Hampton Airport Authority