Featured ProjectUMC Health & Wellness Hospital

Hospitals serve many people. Daylight matters whether to patients, medical staff, administrative employees, visiting families, service providers, and owners. The UMC Health and Wellness Hospital in Lubbock, TX is in a hot, sunny climate most of the year. Smart Glass powered by HALIO lowers energy consumption in the warm months and on those cool days, facilitates daylight harvesting. In addition to energy savings, UMC takes advantage of enhanced cleanliness, by eliminating blinds that collect dust and breed airborne bacteria.

About this Project

HALIO is the Right Medicine

Lions Gate Hospital and Medical Offices

North Vancouver, BC

Hospital and Medical Offices.
The $255M project includes a new six-story acute care facility, new clinic, administrative, support and amenity spaces for 108 beds, and urgent/primary care clinics.

NIAID RML Comparative Medicine Center

Hamilton, MT

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease,
Rocky Mountain Labs Infectious Disease Research Facility.
A three-story vivarium facility with interstitial and mechanical support spaces, 35 holding rooms, 28 procedure rooms, 24 specialty rooms, and Biosafety Levels 2-4 labs.

17,000 sq ft HALIO Smart Glass

Avondzon Assisted Living Facility & Medical Offices

Erpe-Mere, Belgium

Assisted Living Facility and Medical Offices.
160-bed residential care center with smart skylight connecting atrium between wings.

Golden Plough Lodge

Cobourg, ON

Long Term Care Facility and Medical Offices.
Municipally-operated 180-bed long term care beds, county museum and archives, shops, auditorium.

for Health

Numerous studies have shown that patients and healthcare staff benefit from the positive effects of daylight.

  • Faster Recovery
  • Reduced Stress
  • Enhanced Sense of Wellness
  • Greater Alertness and Productivity
  • Better Sleep

When patients and staff have access to daylight, Satisfaction Survey Scores are higher.

for Cleanliness

It’s been proven for nearly 150 years that UV light and the high-energy, short wavelength blue spectrum of daylight are effectives at mitigating bacteria and fungi.

While glass blocks 99.99% of UV light, studies have shown that clear glass and smart glass in clear and tinted states allow blue light wavelengths to pass through, unless blocked by blinds. When bacteria and fungi are eliminated, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) are lowered.

Eliminate Blinds and Drapes

Blinds block restorative views and a connection with the outdoors, slowing recovery and impacting patient and staff wellness.

Blinds and drapes block daylight, including high-energy short wavelength blue light that studies show mitigates bacteria and fungi growth whether unfiltered, through glass, or through clear or tinted smart glass.

Blinds collect dust, enabling bacteria and fungi to rapidly grow and spread, even with aggressive cleaning, contributing to Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).

Blinds contain toxic chemicals that can lead to serious health concerns.

Blinds increase OpEx for regular cleaning, maintenance, and replacement.

The FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices recommends replacing blinds to comply for sterile lab environments.

Designing with HALIO for Healthcare


Shorten patient recovery time, increase patient satisfaction, improve staff productivity and alertness, manage HAIs, lower energy costs, enhance facility value.

Occupant Satisfaction
Facility Cleanliness
Lower, Lower HAIs
Reduce Energy & OpEx
Unobstructed Views, Faster Recovery
Future Ready Design
Facility/Leasing Value

Architects / Facade Planners

Design a facility that embraces daylight while maximizing occupant comfort, lowering energy costs, and contributing to sustainability.

Occupant Comfort
Increased Window-to-Wall Ratio
Design Vision
Design Options
Meets Building Codes
Reduced Greenhouse Gas

General / Glazing Contractors

Install with familiar tools and processes with HALIO expert support, work with trusted fabricators, and enjoy a 10+ year warranty.

Familiar Tools and Processes
Trusted Fabricator
12 Yr IGU Warranty
10 Yr EC Device Warranty
5 Yr Electronics Warranty
Project Planning, Glazing, LV Wiring, Commissioning, and Operations Support

Occupants Benefit

Whether patients, families, administrative, or medical staff, everyone benefits from daylight in your medical facility. Only smart glass powered by HALIO saves energy and embraces daylight to create the defining experience in next-generation facilities.


  • Faster Recovery
  • Reduced Eye Strain, Headaches, and Fatigue
  • Comfortable Temperatures
  • Quieter Rooms
  • Increased serotonin, endorphin, and Vitamin D production


  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increased Employee Retention
  • More Rested and Alert
Only HALIO tints fast – 10x faster than other smart glass – making it the only solution that can keep up with weather.
Only HALIO is a clear as standard glass when untinted and transitions into a comfortable, neutral gray when tinting.
Only HALIO Smart Glass tints uniformly across a window or an entire facade.
Only HALIO tints to any level, at any time. The transition is so natural you won’t even notice it.
Only HALIO enables glass manufacturers to build their own smart glass IGUs powered by HALIO with the configuration flexibility and capacity they’re known for.