Smart Glass Powered by HALIO® Brings Daylight to the Forefront of Healthcare

HALIO’s Healthcare Solutions Initiative is the third in recent months and will be kicked-off at the International Summit & Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design, & Construction

Hayward, Calif., March 14, 2024– HALIO, designer of the world’s fastest, most beautiful, and technologically advanced electrochromic technology, is kicking off its latest initiative aimed at healthcare facilities with demonstration of state-of-the-art smart glass at the International Summit & Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design, & Construction (PDC Summit) during expo hours on March 18-19, 2024 at booth #1001 in the San Diego Convention Center.

Meet with HALIO facade experts, discover the benefits of smart glass in hospitals, clinics, medical office buildings, assisted living, and other healthcare facilities, and learn how the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) makes the cost of smart glass powered by HALIO on par with static Low-E glass.

Gaining Momentum

In recent months, HALIO successfully launched an aviation projects initiative and a joint initiative for green buildings and sustainability with partners in Europe and the Middle East. Today’s announcement accelerates the introduction of HALIO’s leading-edge solutions to healthcare projects. The benefits of a HALIO-powered dynamic facade make it the smart building technology of choice for healthcare facility owners, architects/facade planners, medical and administrative staff, and patients. This intersection of technology and care enables the beneficial properties of daylight to enter a facility while blocking the undesirable effects of glare, solar heat, and UV light. Daylight positively affects patient comfort and recovery, staff wellness and productivity, and facility survey scores for comfort and cleanliness. Managing daylight also reduces energy costs and Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).

“Whether autonomously or through occupant personal controls, smart glass powered by HALIO uniquely responds to changing daylight conditions in real-time, enabling the ideal amount of light and heat into a space for comfort and passing through the high-energy spectrum of light that naturally mitigates bacteria and fungi growth,” stated Walter Simon, HALIO Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. “Additionally, owners can receive a 30-50% ITC for projects using electrochromic glass, making the timing right to design HALIO in any healthcare project,” Simon continued.

HALIO is specified in various healthcare projects of varying sizes and functions. Projects include hospitals, clinics, research facilities, medical office buildings, and assisted living/long-term care facilities. Recent projects to embrace smart glass powered by HALIO include:

  • University Medical Center Health & Wellness Hospital Lubbock, TX
  • Lions Gate Hospital & Medical Offices North Vancouver, BC
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Rocky Mountain Labs Comparative Medicine Center Hamilton, MT
  • Avondzon Assisted Living Facility and Medical Offices Belgium
  • Golden Plough Lodge Long Term Care Facility and Medical Offices Cobourg, ON

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