HALIO Smart GlassElectrochromic Device

HALIO has created an unparalleled smart glass experience using electrochromic technology packaged as a hermetically sealed device.

Our approach to design and manufacturing enables glass fabricators, with their broad selection of coatings and glass offerings to meet myriad designs, to create Smart Glass IGUs that are Powered by HALIO. Explore the HALIO Smart Glass Ecosystem to learn more.

Smart Glass Powered by HALIO

HALIO electrochromic devices are integrated into insulated glass units produced by industry-leading fabricators. The resulting Smart Glass Powered by HALIO are available from HALIO and third-parties. Smart Glass Powered by HALIO seamlessly connects to the HALIO Smart Glass System and are controlled by HALIO’s Cloud Intelligence to change visible light transmission (VLT) in real time with the weather to as low as 2% VLT.

Color Rendering

When Clear, HALIO closely matches the color of Low-E Glass whereas other EC solutions tend to tint yellow when clear. In a tinted state, HALIO is a neutral gray compared to other solutions that tint blue.


HALIO’s Electrochromic technology is laminated to carrier glass, which is sandwiched between sheets of clear glass hermetically sealed, and installed as a device component in the IGU. This added layer in the IGU increases the acoustic properties of an IGU Powered by HALIO.