Electrochromic Technology
Sense. Analyze. Respond. Repeat.

HALIO Smart GlassUser Interfaces

While the HALIO System is designed for autonomous operation, there may be times when users may wish to override tint levels or check on system conditions.

HALIO Control Devices

Optional tools from HALIO that may be deployed in the building.

HALIO Web App Dashboard

Typically used by system administrators, the HALIO Dashboard App provides access to system status, alerts, reports, user privileges, and Customer Care support access.

HALIO Smartphone Control App

For the occasional need to change tint levels in a room. The Smartphone App is compatible with iOS and Android.

HALIO Wireless Tint Selector

As convenient as a light dimmer, the HALIO Tint Selector temporarily change the tint levels in a room for a presentation or rest.

Works with HALIO

Third-party devices that are integrated to Work with HALIO.

Voice Control

Tell your Powered by HALIO Smart Window to tint to the level you want using Alexa.

Touchpad Control

If your Touchpad Controller has been integrated to Work with HALIO, it can be used to control tint levels in room.

HALIO Smart GlassIntegrations

APIs through the HALIO Smart Glass Ecosystem are available to integrate the HALIO System with your Building Management/Building Automation System.

HALIO is a member of the Siemens Connect Ecosystem.