Watch UnObstructed Episode 1 – dive into the invention of Halio’s advanced electrochromic technology with Halio’s co-founders.

The best thing to happen to windows since, well, ever!

Halio Smart Glass looks just like natural glass and then the magic happens. Halio rapidly (in 3 mins) tints to cool gray shades when the sun gets too hot or a little too bright. The first and only smart glass that's responsive and looks natural at the same time. And Halio is good for the planet.

Investment Tax Credit saves up to 50% on the cost of Electrochromic glass

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which includes an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for electrochromic glass, was passed in August 2022.

A potential tax credit of up to 50% on eligible costs can be claimed on current construction projects which are completed after 2022 and new projects begun before 2025.

Learn more how this new tax benefit makes Halio Smart Glass as affordable as Low-e and demonstrates how unconventional thinking is redefining conventional glass.

Halio’s smart glass is the clear choice for airports

There’s a reason the seats at the gate by the sweeping walls of glass are vacant, even when the concourse is packed. No one wants to bake in the sun or squint to avoid glare.

Halio Smart Glass delivers unobstructed views while managing solar heat gain and glare – and it’s the only smart glass that tints fast enough to keep up with the weather. Learn more about how Halio helps airport operators tint on time.

Get an UnObstructed look at the state of the smart glass industry

UnObstructed is a new video series from Halio, where we talk with industry experts by sharing stories that enlighten, entertain, and enable you to make informed decisions about your choice of smart glass for future-ready construction, sustainability, designing for daylight as an amenity, affordability, and so much more.

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Viracon PLUS™ Smart Glass powered by Halio®

After years of evaluating and testing electrochromic (EC) glass solutions, Viracon, America’s leading fabricator of architectural glass, selected Halio to power its smart glass.​

Overnight we’ve set a standard for smart glass – yes, smart glass just got real. Halio’s advanced EC technology and AI controls system with Viracon’s mass production capacity, quality, reliability and partnerships create a Eureka moment. Anything else is obsolete.

Your Buildings Deserve Perfectly Tinted Glass

Halio Smart Glass looks clear until it rapidly (in 3 mins) tints to the perfect, uniform neutral gray your facades deserve, at any tint level you desire. See a demo of Halio today and experience a new UnObstructed world.