HALIO for Commercial Campuses

Many us of spend a third of our lives in commercial buildings. Those buildings, are homes to the innovations, inspirations, and hard work that drive the growth in our economies and changes in our society.

But these same buildings are also accountable for 39% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and health and wellness challenges. Smart glass facades improve our environment – both indoors and out – fundamentally and forever altering the relationship we have with commercial buildings.

Tenants want amenities that matter, and the most desired amenity is natural light and views. Developers want a higher NOI and better, long term tenants. Architects need a net zero building component that delivers performance without compromising design.

HALIO’s forward-ready electrochromic (EC) glass technology and Viracon PLUS™ Smart Glass powered by HALIO® is the world’s most advanced, elegant, and highest performing dynamic facade solution driving the smart building revolution for the next century.

Featured Project: Kroger Customer Fulfillment Center

Commercial Campus
Dallas, TX
1,067sq ft
In Service:
August 2021
Architectural NEXUS
General Contractor:
Big-D Construction-NF&B
Glazing Contractor:

The hot Texas climate creates cooling challenges from Solar Heat Gain for much of the year. The Kroger project turned to HALIO for a smart glass solution to block SHG and save energy while meeting building codes — without sacrificing window-to-wall ratio.


Maximize your facility value and ROI
  • Get up to 50% tax credit as a result of the new Investment Tax Credit (ITC).
  • Develop future-ready smart terminals that have a LEED, BREEAM, WELL and other sustainability advantages supporting your ESG metrics.
  • Increase property value, rents & NOI with recaptured usable floorplate and daylight as an amenity.

Architects/Facade Planners/MEPs

Realize your design vision
  • Achieve Net Zero designs & increase Window-to-Wall Ratio.
  • Uncompromised design aesthetics & elimination of unsightly blinds.
  • Construction deducts by eliminating exterior shades, interior blinds, and HVAC equipment downsizing.
  • Select the glass coatings & composition you want from Viracon.

Facility Operators

Lower your OpEx and have a healthier building
  • Lower energy costs by up to 22% - more than any other smart glass.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Cleaner, healthier environment without blinds.

Tenants & Owners

Increase employee productivity and wellness
  • Enjoy obstructed views.
  • Reduce glare-induced headaches by 63% and eye strain by 51%.
  • Reduce solar heat gain-caused fatigue and discomfort by 56%.
  • Increase productivity by up to 13%.
  • Increase employee retention and reduce absenteeism by 3%.
Only HALIO tints fast – 10x faster than other smart glass – making it the only solution that can keep up with weather.
Only HALIO is a clear as standard glass when untinted and transitions into a comfortable, neutral gray when tinting.
Only HALIO Smart Glass tints uniformly across a window or an entire facade.
Only HALIO tints to any level, at any time. The transition is so natural you won’t even notice it.
Only HALIO enables glass manufacturers to build their own smart glass IGUs powered by HALIO with the configuration flexibility and capacity they’re known for.