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The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which includes an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for electrochromic glass, was passed in August 2022. HALIO, with assistance from an independent law firm Foley & Lardner LLP, and input from other industry experts, has conducted an analysis
with respect to how ITC can apply to the electrochromic (smart) glass market.


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Legal Analysis

Memorandum by Foley & Lardner and joint letter/comments to the IRS.

What is the Electrochromic Glass Investment Tax Credit (ITC)?

  • The ITC is a tax credit for the installation of electrochromic glass systems using electricity to change light transmittance properties, i.e., to tint.
  • An ITC may be claimed on installations that have completed construction and have been placed into service after December 31, 2022 and new construction that commences before January 1, 2025.
  • The ITC is a one-time transferrable, dollar-for-dollar reduction in tax liability for a taxpayer that owns/installs HALIO Smart Glass, or for example, installs smart glass Powered by HALIO™, using VIRACON PLUS™ SMART GLASS.

What are the Credit Rates?

  • Certain criteria must be met to take advantage of the ITC rates.
  • Smart glass Powered by HALIO is eligible for a 40% tax credit in most instances, based on interpretations by the IRS for IGU, solar, and curtain wall credits.

How Does a 40% ITC Compare to Low-e?

Typically, Electrochromic smart glass will be as affordable as Low-e glass, and often even more affordable. The example below illustrates a 40% ITC, saving upfront costs, while delivering direct benefits of a smart glass building once occupied, including up to 22% energy savings, lower OpEx/maintenance, unobstructed views, and beautiful building aesthetics.

Electrochromic Smart Glass

Window System:


IRA Benefit:


Net Electrochromic Smart Glass Cost:


Low-e Glass

Window System:


IRA Benefit:


Net Low-e Glass Cost:


Benefits from Installing Electrochromic (EC) Glass?

  • ITC reduces upfront cost of having an environmentally friendly, self-tinting facade
  • EC indirectly lowers construction costs by eliminating usage of blinds/building shades, pockets, and by downsizing usage of HVAC equipment
  • EC helps meet regulations and qualifies for incentives for sustainability and energy codes
  • EC increases the facility lease value and usable floorplate
  • EC enables a better living/working environment

What is the Cost Basis for ITC?

  • It is the credit rate multiplied by the full HALIO system purchase price, including installation costs
  • Only tax-exempt entities that place properties into service in 2023 or later may claim cash payments in lieu of investment tax credits
  • Non-tax-exempt taxpayers may sell the ITCs to other taxpayers for tax-exempt cash payment

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