We’re passionate about developing and offering the industry’s most beautiful and efficient smart glass. The Electrochromic Class-II technology at the heart of HALIO Smart Glass and smart glass Powered by HALIO continues to be recognized by the industry for energy savings, sustainability, appearance, occupant wellness, and as a key building material enabling net zero projects. You be the judge – request a demo today.

Finalist in Established Excellence Category

Fast Company Has Been Recognizing a Winner & Finalist for a Variety of Innovation Categories Since 2008

Winner in Sustainabiilty Category

Edison Is a Wide–Industry Award in Its 35th Year

Winner in Residential Smart Systems

CES Recognized Halio As the First Smart Glass Making Homes Efficient

Named Top Architectural Glass Co.

Construction Business Review Selected Halio as the Most Innovate Glass Company of the Year

Selected as an Architectural Innovation

Adex Is an Architectural Design Journal Award for Innovations in Architecture Technology

Glass Magazine Editors Award

A Glass Industry Awarded for Viracon Plus Smart Glass Powered by Halio

US Glass Readers Choice Award

A Glass Industry Recognition of the Innovation of Halio Technology

Facilities Net Award

A Facilities Manager Awared for Innovation for Viracon Plus Smart Glass Powered by Halio

BLT Design Award

Recognition by This Architecture Design Magazine for Viracon Plus Smart Glass Powered by Halio

Top Product of the Year

Environment + Energy (E+e) Leader Awards Selected Halio for Its Contribution to Energy/Environment