Viracon and HALIO have set the new performance standard against which all other electrochromic glass will be measured.

Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO is the breakthrough in electrochromic glass that the world has been waiting for. The partnership between Viracon, the leading single-source architectural glass fabricator in the U.S., and HALIO, the technological leader in electrochromic glass has put years of development together into one exciting solution.

It’s a Eureka! moment for architects, developers, and tenants - one of those rare occasions where 1+1 really does equal 3!

Architectural Freedom

Viracon PLUS Smart Glass puts HALIO, the very definition of the most advanced smart glass, in the architect’s toolbox. Embrace your daylight design vision without compromise. HALIO technology is clear as Low-E when clear, and a soothing, natural gray when tinted, as it should be.

Meet codes, eliminate blinds, reduce HVAC, and create more usable interior space with Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO.

Increased Facility Value

Add lasting value to your projects developing buildings with adaptive facades. Your building’s skin comes alive with Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO and works in harmony with other building systems.

It literally senses in seconds and transitions tint levels in minutes adapting to real-time daylight changes.

Put daylight front and center as the greatest building amenity for your tenants.

Tenant Bliss

Daylight, managed. All the benefits of natural light without the glare, solar heat, or view-blocking blinds that give you headaches.

Daylight creates an awesome work environment that boosts your wellness, productivity, and energy.

And speaking of energy, you’ll be comfortably wrapped in a building that is as much as 20% more energy efficient than buildings with regular glass and blinds.

At Gensler, we strive to make the places people live, work, and play more inspiring, more resilient, and more impactful, and have long sought a smart glass offering that enriches the experiences of building occupants while furthering our efforts to design eco-friendly environments.

Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO is the first electrochromic glass solution to satisfy the standards of Gensler’s most discerning clients, and I expect the offering to unleash an unprecedented wave of adoption.

Tim Taylor, Principal at Gensler.

Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO is the only electrochromic glass solution manufactured for mass adoption:

  • Standard-setting quality
  • Mass production capacity and processes
  • Industry-wide recognition for reliability
  • Glazing partnerships

Only HALIO delivers on the promise of electrochromic technology, eclipsing all other solutions that came before:

  • Fast Tint
  • Uniform Tint
  • Unlimited Tint Levels
  • Natural Color
  • Durable, hermetically sealed EC device