Everyone WinsViracon PLUS Smart Glasspowered by HALIO

HALIO’s goal wasn’t to be the first with
electrochromic (EC) glass, it was to be the best.

We spent years studying the early, legacy EC offerings. Like HALIO, each delivers on basic promises of EC:

  • We tint and clear to manage glare
  • We save energy
  • We add value to a facility
  • We are durable, backed by ASTM-2141 testing
  • We enhance wellness and health

In the process, we also invented ways to overcome the shortfalls of legacy solutions:

  • We invented a new EC technology that lets HALIO tint 10x faster, uniformly, and stop at any point
  • We created inorganic materials that makes our EC glass as clear as Low-E glass when un-tinted and a natural gray when tinted
  • We put the controls and intelligence in the cloud tied to advanced sun sensors to start reacting in seconds
  • And we hermetically sealed our EC technology in a glass sandwich which adds durability, reduces noise transmission, and uniquely creates an EC device that the glass industry can integrate

The result: HALIO is the definition of state-of-the-art
electrochromic technology and the only EC solution that can be
integrated with the established glass supply chain.

As the technological leader in electrochromic glass, with years of development underlying these breakthroughs, HALIO is committed to producing the most advanced solution that excels in both form and function, delivering the world’s most beautiful smart glass.

With Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO, we are arming architects and developers to meet the challenges of climate change without compromising beauty or window-to-wall ratios.

HALIO CEO, Bruce Sohn

Viracon, the leading glass fabricator in North America, sought the electrochromic technology solution that met their industry-setting standards to deliver what smart glass should be.

Viracon searched for an EC solution that would hand customers more interior control while maintaining the unparalleled exterior experience of Viracon glass.

  • Does the EC technology deliver the best customer experience, tint speeds, color, and cost structure
  • Can it be seamlessly integrated into Viracon insulated glass units (IGUs)
  • Is it compatible with Viracon’s extensive glass, coating and IGU compositions
  • Does it place Viracon at the heart of the industry’s EC adoption

HALIO’s leading electrochromic technology was the only EC solution that met Viracon’s standards, to the benefit of architects, developers, and tenants everywhere.

  • Design a building with Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO to get all of the benefits of HALIO technology and all of the diversity, quality, and service of Viracon solutions
  • EC has left the niche world behind with massive production capacity that only a leader like Viracon can deliver
  • HALIO delivers the EC device, controls and cloud. Viracon delivers the smart glass, architectural expertise, and glazier relationships to create a seamless experience
  • Viracon design experts pair up with HALIO EC technology experts to answer your questions and accelerate the integration of Viracon PLUS Smart Glass into your next building design

The result: Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO.
What smart glass was intended to be.

Our customers have anticipated a product that allows building owners more control of their building’s interior environment while delivering unparalleled exterior tint uniformity to meet the new realities of climate change.

Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO is the first product to meet Viracon’s standards and marks a turning point for smart glass in the industry. We are redefining tinting glass technology.

Viracon Vice President of Sales and Marketing,  Garret Henson