MarketsUnobstructed Views for a Better World

HALIO Smart Glass is the most advanced, beautiful, and sustainable solution for glass facades in a variety of key markets. Our award-winning solution reduces a building’s energy consumption by up to 22%, which lowers the build’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 25%. Smart glass is not only an environmentally friendly choice, it also lowers OpEx, is aesthetically appealing, and enhances occupant productivity and wellness.

Commercial Campuses

Smart glass is a proven way to meet building codes, create a more productive environment that retains employees, reduces energy costs and OpEx, and establishes daylight as an amenity, adding value and floorplate utilization.

Life Sciences Buildings

Unobstructed views and controlling daylight in sensitive labs are no longer mutually exclusive with smart glass. Increase productivity in office areas while blocking solar heat gain and UV without blinds in labs that require precise environments.

Higher Education Campuses

Studies show smart glass creates an environment that accelerates learning by up to 26% with 3% lower absenteeism and greater staff productivity. Make HALIO your campus-wide teaching assistant.

Medical Office Buildings (MOB)

Natural light promotes wellness and shortens recovery cycles. HALIO Smart Glass brings the healing power of daylight indoors while reducing bacteria and viruses by eliminating blinds and curtains.

Aviation Centers

HALIO’s smart glass enhances airport architecture, and so much more. It delivers operational efficiency and creates an immersive, enjoyable traveler experience that turns terminals, concourses and gates from way-stops into enjoyable destinations.

Multi-Family Residential/Mixed Use

In multi-family residential and mixed-use facilities, HALIO Smart Glass enables daylight to be an easy way to lower energy costs and connect occupants with the outdoors, promoting wellness and comfort.