HALIO, Inc. Announces $100M Financing Led by SK and Capricorn

New funding enables increased production capability to service growing backorders and to further advance HALIO’s electrochromic technology for commercial buildings, residential homes, and vehicles.

Hayward, Calif., December 6, 2021HALIO, builder of the world’s most technologically advanced and most beautiful smart windows, announced an additional $100M in financing led by inside investors SK and Capricorn Investment Group. SK is Korea’s third-largest company with more than USD 68 Billion in annual revenue. HALIO aligns with SK’s focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) materials solutions.

“SK recognizes the benefits that HALIO Smart Glass brings to our lives, the planet, and its synergy with our investment in ESG,” said Dong UK Choi, Vice President of SK.

Capricorn makes investments focused on specific impact areas of sustainability, including clean technology, health and wellness, and energy efficiency. 

“HALIO is the practical, necessary, inevitable, and elegant ingredient for the building industry as it moves to net-zero and occupant wellness”

Dipender Saluja, Managing Director, Capricorn Investment Group

HALIO develops and commercializes breakthrough advances in electrochromic technology that maximize natural light while mitigating solar heat and glare. The HALIO Solution includes the industry’s most advanced smart glass and a cloud-based AI control system. This system has been gaining design wins and winning the hearts of influential architects who recognize its ability to fulfill their design vision, meet sustainability objectives, and create an immersive daylight experience for occupants.

Funding enables increased production capability to service orders and to further advance HALIO’s electrochromic technology for commercial buildings, residential homes, and vehicles.

“Architects and developers have specified HALIO Smart Glass into a growing backlog of designs,” said Bruce Sohn, HALIO CEO. “Our successful partnership with Viracon, the largest architectural glass fabricator in America, is already accelerating our timeline to increase production output.”

HALIO and Architects

HALIO Smart Glass is specified by leading architects and co-branded by industry partners such as Viracon and Marvin. HALIO’s smart glass sets the standard demanded by discerning architects and builders worldwide by delivering the highest clarity, fastest switching speed, and smoothest transitions, powered by the most sophisticated and integrated control system of its kind. Thoughtful design improves sightlines by eliminating unattractive bus bars and low-quality tapes. 

HALIO’s technology delivers superior durability, ensured by incorporating technology proven in solar systems that must endure harsh environments for decades and reduces a building’s carbon footprint through lower energy consumption of up to 20% while improving occupants’ health, wellness, and productivity. 

HALIO’s control system is future-proofed by incorporating IoT standards such as Matter. Through Works with HALIO certification, it seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions including Siemen’s Connect Ecosystem, which includes Desigo CC and related platforms, Amazon Alexa, Crestron, Apple Homekit, and other systems.

HALIO frees architects and designers to control all aspects of window design.


HALIO, Inc. delivers the world’s most responsive, intelligent platform for daylight management. HALIO’s Smart Glass for commercial and residential facades and interiors is the world’s leading electrochromic (EC) technology integrated into windows to maximize daylight while optimizing energy savings, reducing solar heat gain, and minimizing glare. Powered by HALIO windows and skylights are available from both HALIO and third-party fabricators in various glass coatings and configurations. 

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