HALIO and Viracon PLUS™ Smart Glass powered by HALIO® Selected for Fast Company Innovation by Design 2023 Award

Hayward, Calif., August 23, 2023 – HALIO, designer of the world’s fastest, most beautiful, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced architectural smart glass, announced today that it has been selected by Fast Company for an Innovation by Design 2023 Award for Viracon PLUS™ Smart Glass powered by HALIO®.

FAST Company’s 2023 Innovation by Design Awards recognizes companies and products in 46 areas of interest that demonstrates ingenuity and problem solving resulting in products, buildings, tools, and ideas that push the envelope and contribute to understanding and solving humanity’s most pressing needs. Each category has a Winner, a Finalist, and Honorees.

HALIO and Viracon PLUS™ Smart Glass powered by HALIO was chosen as the Finalist in the Established Excellence category which recognizes innovation from companies that have been in business for 5 to 14 years.

HALIO’s Electrochromic Class-II technology enables building occupants to control daylight. This delivers significant energy savings that contribute to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and creates interior spaces that are naturally lit through neutral-colored, dynamically tinting windows with unobstructed views. Only HALIO Smart Glass responds to changes in daylight, tinting to any level in real-time, which minimizes glare and temperature variances that can detract from productivity and wellness.

The demonstrated beauty and efficiency of HALIO and Viracon smart glass facades is accelerating the acceptance of dynamic glass by architects and developers as a standard component of net zero building construction. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) introduced a year ago also contributes to the affordability of this remarkable technology and further encourages smart glass adoption in airports, multi-family residential, commercial, higher education, and other facilities.

This is the second time in recent years that an architectural electrochromic glass solution has been selected as a Finalist for an Innovation by Design award and the first time HALIO’s industry-leading Electrochromic Class-II technology, the industry’s leading smart glass solution designed to save energy and deliver a beautiful, healthy experience, has been recognized.