HALIO Smart GlassWorks with HALIO

Delivering an unmatched user experience requires intelligent interaction with other smart building systems and devices. HALIO’s flexible cloud-based architecture is designed with partner integrations in mind.

The Works with HALIO program provides multiple options for secure integrations between HALIO and today’s leading Building Management/Automation Systems (BMS/BAS), smart home platforms, room controllers, or even individual Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Developer Program

It’s easy to get started with Works with HALIO. HALIO provides a developer program as well as standard options to Work with HALIO. The developer program that enables qualified partners to jointly create integrations for compelling new user experiences. For easy and secure interaction, we use OAuth2.0 to receive permission from the end-user to gather information from HALIO devices.


  • Submit your request for access to the Works with HALIO Developer Program.

  • Execute the Developers Agreement.

  • Learn about the HALIO system and scope your use cases and requirements.

  • Design your application.

  • Execute the Production License and train HALIO resources.


  • We’ll send you a Works with HALIO Developers Agreement.

  • We’ll send technical information and a temporary authorization key.

  • HALIO will review your use cases and requirements and make recommendations, if any.

  • HALIO tests your application and issues a Production License.

  • HALIO sends authorization keys.

Options for Integrators

The HALIO API is the most common method and offers subscription-based access to data shared by HALIO devices.

HALIO Cloud API Integrations: This option provides direct interactions with the HALIO Cloud; this is useful for HALIO cloud-to-3rd party device cloud or HALIO cloud-to 3rd party device applications.

Niagara Framework®-based BMS/BAS Integration: This option provides a HALIO software driver which allows HALIO features to be exposed to BMS/BAS controllers running Niagara Framework.

HALIO BMS/BAS Gateway Integration: This option includes a HALIO gateway running Niagara Framework with HALIO driver software; this solution bridges communication from HALIO to the proprietary BMS/BAS system.