Kinestral Technologies, Inc. Announces Widely-Recognized HALIO Product Name as New Corporate Identity

Hayward, Calif., April 12, 2021 – Kinestral Technologies, Inc., the leader in electrochromic glass technology and developer of HALIO® Smart Glass, the world’s most responsive, intelligent system for daylight management, today announced the transition of its corporate identity to HALIO, Inc.

The name change acknowledges the brand popularity of our flagship HALIO Solution, which includes HALIO Smart Glass, the HALIO System, HALIO Cloud, Halio Spectrum Service, and the ecosystem of partner solutions that are Powered by HALIO and Works with HALIO.

“The HALIO brand represents innovation and leadership in our products, with careful attention to the needs of architects, developers, tenants, and the glass-industry supply chain,” stated Bruce Sohn, CEO of HALIO, Inc. “The power of HALIO is now reflected in our corporate name as well,” Sohn continued.

The name change embodies leading-edge energy savings, wellness, and productivity gains that the HALIO Solution can deliver in commercial and residential facilities and also reflects the company’s successful evolution from Kinestral’s research and development phase to volume production and market expansion under HALIO.

In addition to the name change, the company’s digital homes have relocated to and LinkedInTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

About HALIO, Inc.

HALIO, Inc., formerly Kinestral Technologies, Inc., delivers the world’s most responsive, intelligent platform for daylight management. HALIO’s Smart Glass for commercial and residential facades and interiors is the world leader in electrochromic (EC) technology, maximizing daylight while optimizing energy savings, reducing solar heat gain, and minimizing glare. Powered by HALIO windows and skylights are available from both HALIO and third-party fabricators in a variety of glass coatings and configurations. For more information, visit  Follow HALIO on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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