HALIO, the Industry’s Leader in Smart Glass Technology, Signs T.Fin Building Solutions as North Central Representative

Facade Expert Ready to Raise the Bar for Smart Glass Experience

Hayward, Calif. and Owatonna, Minn., December 12, 2023 – HALIO, inventor of the world’s most advanced electrochromic (smart) glass technology, and T.Fin Building Solutions., an expert independent representative based in the Mid-West, announced an agreement to represent HALIO in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota.

“My goal is to introduce architects, developers, and building owners to HALIO, the next evolution of smart glass technology,“ said Tim Finely, founder and principal of T.Fin Building Solutions. “After many years in leadership positions at SageGlass, I’ve seen firsthand how smart glass elevates building performance and energy efficiency.

After seeing HALIO in action, I was impressed with HALIO’s massive leap in smart glass technology and performance that uniquely places them in a position to help my clients deliver an elegant and unmatched experience by other dynamic glass providers. I was especially impressed with the instantaneous tint changes, the neutral tint color, and the real-time, weather-responsive control system functionality.” Finley continued.

The Investment Tax Credit for electrochromic glass provides building owners with a significant opportunity to implement energy-saving electrochromic glass technology with an installed cost near or at par with an equivalent non-smart glass installation.

Tim will work with the Viracon sales representatives to support the selection and delivery of Viracon PLUS™ Smart Glass Powered by HALIO® within the mid-west territory.

“We’re thrilled to have Tim and his team representing HALIO. We highly value Tim’s experience as an independent representative and expertise in the smart glass business. With Tim’s team and HALIO’s support, clients will have unobstructed views with the optimal balance of glare control, daylight harvesting, and energy savings,” stated Jason Isackson, Sr. Director of Sales, HALIO, Inc.

Contact Tim Finley, T.Fin Building Solutions, at 507-676-2561 or tim@tfinbuildingsolutions.com to raise the experience and occupant satisfaction of your next project with HALIO and explore the cost advantages that implementing dynamic glass makes possible through the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 


Smart glass solutions that redefine a building’s occupant experience are Powered by HALIO, the leader in electrochromic technology used to create the only dynamic building envelopes that electrically and intelligently tint and clear in real-time with changing weather conditions. Glass facades Powered by HALIO reduce a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint by preventing unwanted infrared light from entering a building in warm seasons, reducing the need for air conditioning, and enable daylight harvesting in cooler months to augment heating. Year-round, occupants experience an indoor environment optimized for daylight, contributing to health, wellness, and productivity, and unobstructed views free of interior blinds or sunshades. Powered by HALIO, Insulated Glass Units, skylights, and doors are available directly from HALIO and from best-in-class architectural glass fabricators, including Viracon and GLASSBEL, with a wide variety of glass coatings and configurations enabling architects to achieve beautiful, high performance, and energy-efficient building designs. Siemens Connect Ecosystem for advanced building management, Crestron touchpad controls, and Amazon Alexa voice controls are certified Works with HALIO® solutions to extend facade controls. Learn more at https://halioinc.com

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