HALIO, Inc. to Showcase AI-controlled Smart Glass at CES 2022 as part of a Commercial Net Zero Building Component

HALIO will demonstrate its electrochromic glass technology and controls system for energy-efficient commercial buildings in the SK exhibit space

Hayward, Calif., December 30, 2021 – HALIO, builder of the world’s most technologically advanced and beautiful smart windows, will be exhibiting in the “Green Avenue” section of the SK CES 2022 booth located in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, Booth 16761, January 5, 8:30AM – January 7, 6:00PM. The support of energy efficient technology, wellness solutions, and a focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) are shared by SK, a lead investor in HALIO, Inc., and HALIO. 

HALIO’s electrochromic glass solution addresses the ten must-haves for architects, developers, and environmentalists as they formulate strategies to achieve net zero buildings. The state-of-the-art smart glass is the first to address critical design and performance issues, including clear and tint color, responsiveness and speed, tint uniformity, and cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) for autonomous operation. HALIO’s AI determines the maximum amount of daylight that can enter the building in real-time to deliver energy savings that reduce carbon emissions by up to 20%, helping stave off global warming, while minimizing glare management that leads to occupant wellness. 

Architects and developers are additionally drawn to the HALIO Smart Glass because it’s hermetically sealed EC device enables it to be integrated into third-party windows with a variety of coatings and has proven durability and performance, even if the window seals fail. HALIO has a neutral grey tint instead of the blue tint prevalent in other systems, and when clear, is indistinguishable from ordinary low-E glass.

The cloud-based control system future-proofs the investment in system electronics while facilitating easy integration into building management systems such as Siemen’s Connect Ecosystem, including Desigo CC and related platforms, Amazon Alexa, Crestron, Apple Homekit, and other IoT systems.

The HALIO Solution includes the industry’s most advanced smart glass, connected to on-premise tint controllers, communications gateways, and sky camera daylight sensors. A cloud-based AI autonomously controls the system, reacting to daylight changes in real-time and monitoring the façade tint levels to adjust tint algorithms over time.

After years of extensively studying electrochromic glass solutions, Viracon, the leading architectural glass fabricator in America, chose HALIO as its EC technology partner. Viracon PLUS™ Smart Glass powered by HALIO is setting a new standard for commercial smart glass. In addition, an exclusive Marvin and HALIO partnership is bringing smart glass to the residential housing market by offering homeowners high-quality Marvin window and door products with HALIO’s proprietary glazing solution.

Architects, developers, facility owners, and general contractors looking to install smart windows in their next project or retrofit key areas such as conference rooms, cafeterias, lobbies, and west or south-facing facades on existing buildings, are invited to speak with a HALIO expert at SK’s booth at CES, LVCC Central Hall, Booth 16761, Green Avenue section or contact HALIO at https://halioinc.com/contact.


HALIO, Inc. delivers the world’s most responsive, intelligent platform for daylight management. HALIO’s Smart Glass for commercial and residential facades and interiors is the world’s leading electrochromic (EC) technology integrated into windows to maximize daylight while optimizing energy savings, reducing solar heat gain, and minimizing glare. Powered by HALIO, windows, and skylights are available from HALIO and third-party fabricators in various glass coatings and configurations. 

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