HALIO for Single-Family Residential

Energy-efficient, comfortable, attractive smart homes are setting the trend in the single-family residential market. Energy-efficient HVAC, lighting, solar power, and home controls are traditional features of smart building materials. But only homes with HALIO Smart Glass windows, skylights, and doors take residences to a whole new level by enabling homeowners to control daylight and improve wellness.

Unobstructed Views
Daylight Amenity
Health & Wellness
Saves Energy/OpEx
Increase Home Value
Meets Building Codes
Reduces GHG
Design Aesthetics
Future Ready Design

WN Residence


Single-Family Residential
Bend, OR
1,925 sq ft glass
Glass Type
HALIO Smart Glass


Aug 2019
Jan 2021
Jan 2021

Project Team

Wright Design Studio
Gen. Contractor
Empire Construction
Glazing Contractor
Bend Commercial Glass and Door
Elite Electric

This spacious mountain home incorporated HALIO Smart Glass to create unobstructed views of the sweeping Pacific Northwest vistas. Eliminating blinds to manage solar heat gain and lowering energy use while reducing glare makes the home comfortable year-round.

Livability is just as important as sustainability. Using expansive glass doors and windows to maximize views and ensure winter sunlight and create a connection that flows from the outdoors to inside are signatures of my designs.

Rick Wright
Wright Design Studios