HALIO Smart Glass is amazing visitors around the world as its showcased as a design component of Virginia Tech’s futureHAUS. The award-wining futureHAUS is an elegant, beautiful, smart home incorporating best-of-class technologies in construction materials, solar, appliances, HVAC, plumbing, recycling, and of course, windows technologies into home modules. Modules, like rooms or parts of rooms, are pre-manufactured, wired, and plumbed, and assembled on job sites in a matter of days.

HALIO Smart Glass is used throughout the futureHAUS, demonstrating the aesthetics of our clear Untinted and neutral gray tinted EC technology, response time, tint uniformity and tint speed.  HALIO contributes to the energy efficiency of the futureHAUS design concept as well as the wellness of futureHAUS occupants.

If you’re in Dubai before the end of March, check out futureHAUS.  Follow the futureHAUS story on LinkedIn,  Twitter, and Facebook.