Kinestral Technologies Showcases Modern Window Functionalities for the Connected Smart Home at IBS/KBIS 2020

LAS VEGAS – International Builders’ Show, Booth #SU443 — Jan. 21, 2020 —Kinestral Technologies, Inc., the leading technology innovator of smart glass, will demonstrate to builders, architects, and designers how the company’s Halio® smart-tinting glass can integrate with smart homes and their automation systems such as Control4.

Halio windows eliminate the need for blinds and curtains while giving homeowners unprecedented control over natural light. A dramatic improvement over earlier electrochromic products, Halio smart-tinting glass looks like conventional glass in its clear state until it tints to one of an unlimited number of neutral cool gray shades. Halio automatically responds to sky conditions, tinting or clearing to block solar heat and eliminate glare. Manual control options are also available.

By integrating with home automation platforms, homeowners with Halio windows will be able to more fully enjoy the health and wellness benefits of natural light without sacrificing energy-efficiency, privacy, or thermal and visual comfort.  Through systems like Control4,  Halio windows and lighting systems will work together so that window tint levels and artificial lighting automatically adjust to maximize daylight.

Each Halio window has an IP address, adding a layer of control and security and allowing homeowners to control one window or all the windows in their homes with a single command: “Alexa, turn on ‘away mode,’” for example.

“Eventually, we believe every home will have smart-tinting glass,” said Paul Nagel, Kinestral’s chief product development officer. “Our being here is a sneak preview of what we’ll be bringing to the residential market that many of our commercial customers are now enjoying.  Builders tell us they are excited to differentiate their projects by offering smart-tinting glass that is beautiful, cool, and  helps homeowners stay connected to the outdoors.”

Halio can reduce energy consumption by up to 20% by reducing HVAC needs and electrical lighting, making it an ideal green building product for builders and developers.

For a demo of Halio smart-tinting glass, visit the Control4 booth #SU443 at the International Builders’ Show.

About Kinestral Technologies

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kinestral Technologies, Inc. develops technologies that transform glass into responsive, intelligent, and beautiful architectural elements. The company’s research and development efforts have resulted in a growing global patent portfolio in manufacturing, device processing, and smart window control systems. Kinestral’s flagship product, Halio smart-tinting glass, is the recipient of several innovation awards, including Architectural Product Magazine’s PIA award. Halio products are available exclusively through Halio North America, LLC or Halio International, S.A., Kinestral and AGC, Inc. joint venture companies. Visit for more information.

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