Halio Unveiled at the BAU Trade Fair for Architecture and Materials in Munich – And It Was Magic!


Between two buildings at the BAU Show in Munich, surrounded by snow, stands the Halio Experience Room. To a journalist who popped in to see what the black, futuristic structure was all about, it looked like a “science lab.” And, in truth, she wasn’t too far off.

In collaboration with our partner, AGC Asahi Glass, the Halio Experience Room was designed to give selected architects and journalists here at BAU the opportunity to experience Halio, the world’s most beautiful and responsive smart-tinting glass. Halio is the result of seven years of research and development by more than two dozen PhDs at Kinestral; they combined the latest advances in material science, device physics, and cloud software technologies to create a system that you really have to see to believe.

People like me who are tasked with the job of figuring out how best to communicate why a product or service exists usually have to watch ourselves from using too many superlatives because we do have to abide by truth in advertising laws. So when a journalist said, “it’s magic!” after seeing how quickly Halio tinted and cleared (it really starts happening in seconds), I had to grin. When other people use a word we think best describes our product, we feel validation. It’s like getting a huge pat on the back. And these first two days have been extremely validating for all of us at Kinestral, but especially for those of us in marketing.

The Halio smart-tinting system is cool. It’s like magic. It transitions so quickly – from clear to dark and dark to clear – that we can actually demonstrate its benefits at a trade show where people are tired and in a rush to get to the next meeting or booth.

And it’s beautiful.

But you really have to see and experience Halio to understand what we mean. When you do, you’ll find yourself imagining which room in your home will be the first to get Halio windows or walls.