HALIO Smart-Tinting Glass System is the 2018 Silver Prize Winner in the European Product Design Award’s Illumination/Natural Light Category

Brussels, 24 July 2018 – HALIO International today announced that the HALIO™ Smart-Tinting Glass System is this year’s Silver Prize Winner in the Illumination/Use of Natural Light category. The European Product Design Award was created to recognize the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations. Winner’s announcement and evening reception will take place at the prestigious ADAM – Brussels Design Museum on Wednesday 26th of September 2018. Attendees will meet other European Product Design Award™ winners, as well as jury members and press representatives during the winner’s cocktail reception and enjoy a private viewing of the museum’s exhibition. Over the course of the evening, the event will recognize and reward the excellence of EPDA™ Designers. Winning works will be projected while winners will receive their trophies.

HALIO is the world’s most advanced natural light management system. It is an advanced daylighting solution that eliminates the need for blinds and maximizes natural light while ensuring occupant comfort, enjoyment of views, and energy efficiency. With HALIO, windows tint according to the position of the sun, the weather outside, or occupant preferences – automatically or on command.

We believe that HALIO is the future, and we are excited that Europeans in the design community are seeing the brilliance in HALIO’s design.” said Alain Jardinet, CEO of HALIO International.

The HALIO system is comprised of:

  • innovative, patented materials enabling perfect transparency in the clear state and fast switching to neutral gray shades;
  • software, hardware, and cloud technologies;
  • a unique thin glass composition with a conductive coating.

The patented materials, software, and hardware were developed by HALIO, Inc., a Silicon Valley company, while AGC, the world’s largest glass manufacturer, developed the thin glass and its patented conductive coating. Leveraging the partners’ respective strengths and knowledge, AGC and HALIO created two joint venture companies – HALIO International and HALIO North America  — to sell, distribute, and service the HALIO system.

HALIO International recently announced that the iconic Gare Maritime at Tours & Taxis will use HALIO on two sides of the building.