The World’s Most Energy-Efficient Tower


Passive Homes Defining Vancouver’s West End

Vancouver, let the sun shine in!

The 60-story Curv residential project is establishing the blueprint for future Passive House buildings. It is designed to be the world’s most energy-efficient tower yet.

HALIO Smart Glass makes managing daylight easy. Your residence at Curv will be a highly sustainable home in the sky, bathed in daylight. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of daylight without the unwanted side effects.

Floors 16-60 are planned to use smart glass
HALIO Smart Glass makes windows come alive to keep out unwanted solar heat, ultraviolet light, and glare
Interior designers can eliminate shades so you can enjoy Vancouver’s stunning views

Life Happens When You Embrace Daylight in Your Home

Introducing HALIO

The World’s Most Advanced Smart Glass

What is HALIO?

HALIO is the world’s most advanced smart glass system.

We produce an ultra-thin electronic layer that is built inside your insulated glass unit. It’s invisible when clear and uses on-premise control devices to autonomously alter a window’s visible light transmission, tinting them cool gray in 3 minutes or less in response to the weather or when you request it to change tint levels.

How does HALIO do it?

We’ve made it so simple it’s like nature.

HALIO keeps tabs on the sun to establish window transparency.
The windows are connected through low-voltage wires to control electronics that communicate with our control brain in the cloud. The sophisticated control system directs the electrochromic (EC) device layer inside the window to uniformly tint in about three minutes or less when a cloud comes along and reverse back to a clearer window state just as fast.

What do I get with HALIO?

HALIO Smart Glass is like sunscreen for your home, passively protecting your family and your investment.
Depending on the sun and how you set HALIO, comfort and wellness in your home are elevated, while the absence of blinds leaves just stunning views of Vancouver.

Visible Light

Block up to 98% of visible daylight in minutes, reducing glare & boosting wellness and productivity.

Solar Heat

Reduce indoor solar heat by up to 40%, saving energy and using more permitter floorspace.

UV Light

Prevent 99.99% of damaging Ultraviolet light from entering the building.

Exterior Noise

Reduce exterior noise transmission by 20% compared to regular glass.

How do I control HALIO?

The easiest way is to just let HALIO run. But if you want to take control, you can use your smartphone, a simple wall Tint Selector, or even an Alexa or other home device to tell it what to do.


Saves Up to 22% Energy and lowers Maintenance Costs

Increases Home Resale Value


Better Sleep and Increased Productivity

Unobstructed Views to Connect with Nature


Meets Building Codes while Increasing Window Size

Reduces Building’s Green House Gas Emissions by up to 25%


Unleash Interior Design Potential and use More Floor

Natural Daylight Indoors Completes the Home

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