HALIO solves the problem of managing daylight by reducing solar heat, minimizing glare, and blocking UV while maximizing window-to-wall ratios. No need for shades or curtains. See your world unobstructed.

We develop and manufacture the world’s most advanced electrochromic technology. Our autonomously tinting smart glass reacts in real-time, uniformly, offering 101 levels (in cool grays), transitioning in 3 minutes, from clear to fully tinted. It is controlled by an AI cloud-based system with minimal on-premise electronics and a Sky Camera that seamlessly integrates into any smart building management system.

HALIO delivers energy savings, increases property value, enables tax credits, and enhances occupant productivity and wellness, while allowing architects the greatest freedom of design choice with unobstructed views.

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HALIO for Life Sciences

HALIO Smart Glass is an ideal solution to enable life sciences buildings to have more usable perimeter space, cleaner labs, and precision daylight control. It helps architects reduce energy and operating costs, meet buildings codes, and cut greenhouse gases, while enabling a wide range of options for design aesthetics, while creating an overall productive environment.

Lab Cleanliness
Precise Light Control
Perimeter Recovery
Saves Energy/OpEx
Increases Lease Value
Meets Building Codes
Reduces GHG
Design Aesthetics
Future Ready Design

The Alexandria Life Sciences Center South San Francisco


Life Sciences
South San Francisco, CA
25,295 sq ft glass
315,000 sq ft 2 buildings
Glass Type
HALIO Smart Glass


Oct 2019
Mar 2020
Aug 2020

Project Team

WRNS Studio
Facade Consultant
Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Gen. Contractor
Glazing Contractor
Royal Glass
Decker Electric

The LEED Gold life sciences campus houses research labs and offices in two Class-A buildings totaling 315,000 square feet. Managed daylight creates a more productive environment, lab-friendly environment with unobstructed views.

Our employees appreciate that they do not have to get up to let down or adjust blinds and are able to keep working at their workstations without disruptions due to intensity of the sun or heat.

Jim Kennedy
Director of Facilities, Atreca